Wiem Askri

Weema Askri is a non-binary queer, LGBTIQ+ activist from Tunisia, they are passionate about empowering the LGBTQIA+ community in Tunisia and Africa and raising awareness about their issues.
They are finishing their last year to obtain a bachelor degree in management, majoring in small and medium enterprises management.
Weema was born and raised in Tunisia. As a Chair and Member of the Board of Directors at African Queer Youth Initiative, they are responsible for initiating and leading the strategic planning process of the African Queer Youth Initiative and facilitating and directing activities.
They were the coordinator of Mawjoudin Queer Film Festival in its third edition, and are now the project officer, working with queer refugees and asylum seekers in Tunisia.
Weema is currently, also conducting a research with "Calition of African Lesbian", about the wellbeing of womxn activits in Tunisia.