Dr. Ruth Nekura

Human Rights and Gender Equality Consultant
Ruth Nekura is a human rights lawyer and socio-legal researcher with 10 years’ experience working in gender equality and women’s rights with a focus on law and policy reform, advocacy and program implementation. Her work involves conducting  gender analyses of laws and implementation practices, and providing technical expertise to various organisations and initiatives at different levels; from supporting social movements at the grassroots level to national and international NGOs. She is passionate about access to justice and invokes both structural and individual level analyses to challenge systemic inequality and re-imagine ways of overcoming barriers to accessing justice.

She is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya, and holds an LLM (in Human Rights Law) and PhD (in Public Law) from the Faculty of Law, University of Cape Town. Her PhD research used a feminist human rights approach to assess how governments are fulfilling their obligations to act with due diligence to prevent and effectively respond to violence against women and girls, through the implementation of multi-sector approaches (One-stop-centres) that integrate health, legal and psychosocial support services for victims of sexual violence in Kenya and South Africa, comparatively.